Our Technology

Qaptum’s Social Listening Platform uses NLP (Natural Language Processing)  in true Machine Learning AI technology to intelligently capture desired content, extract Key Words and Phrases, categorize, understand the intent of language, analyze sentiments, and deploy dynamic dashboards and reports, all with extremely high accuracy and in real-time. 

Native Languages

Most Social Listening tools analyze Sentiment under grammatical and semantic rules associated with the English language. However, Spanish, and other Romance languages ​​use countless contextual elements, making the interpretation of an expression above its literal meaning very challenging. In addition, elements such as sarcasm, ambivalence, double meaning, or implicit mischief are not easily classified by a tool whose operational and internal structure was designed to analyze English content. 

Qaptum breaks this barrier, using AI and NLP, associated with regionalized libraries such as Mexican, Argentinian, or Spanglish, makes Qaptum an ideal tool for analyzing content specific to a country or region with a high level of precision.

Sentiment VS. Emotional Analysis

Sentiment Analysis provides data points limited to reflect only Positive, Negative, and Neutral feelings in a conversation. In contrast, Emotional Analysis examines these sentiments in further detail and interprets them into specific behaviors. 

For example, a Negative Sentiment can further be categorized into sad, angry, or skeptical, while a Positive Sentiment can be happy, optimistic, or enthusiastic. 

Qaptum’s Emotions Engine, “available in Maximum and other advanced products,” offers an incomparable new dimension in understanding and interpreting the conversation around you.

Ease of Use, Intuitiveness

Qaptum’s products are conceived and designed from inception to offer a superior user experience, granting a flawless, frictionless, easy to learn, and pleasant use of the product to enable full empowerment to use the system accurately, quickly through an efficient process. 

Extremely Competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Qaptum offers much more functionality and capacity for a much lesser cost. In addition, our straightforward pricing models give much-needed transparency, predictability, and flexibility vs. comparable products in the market. Besides, due to its superior ease of use capabilities, On-Boarding and product training represent just a tiny fraction of the system’s overall cost, and self-sufficiency is achieved from the very first week of purchase. 

Superior Analytics

With millions of data points generated every second, the ability to discover, interpret and communicate precise quantitative and qualitative data to find the signal from the noise is the most critical and vital deliverable of Qaptum’s solution. Our real-time dashboards and reports are always available on-demand, let alone the ability to download the data to do your analytics.