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Intelligent Social Listening Analytics

Try the most comprehensive digital listening, analysis, and data visualization Solution.
Its powerful NLP/AI engines provide the means for advanced semantic analysis and audience profiling in Spanish and English, resulting in accurate sentiment tracking and profound business insight.

Octo Animation Qaptum



Capture the signal from the noise.

Observe trends and new opportunities, navigating through a variety of data dashboards that will give you valuable insights for your business.

This makes Qaptum an ideal tool to analyze and monitor bilingual content with a high level of precision and more than 150 indicators.  



Emotional Interpretation 

Qaptum offers the possibility of understanding the emotional context of the audience’s messages, enabling superior interpretation of moods, and the use of sarcasm, ambivalence, double meaning and implicit mischief.


Enabling qualitative listening and cognitive interpretation, capable of translating the emotional context both in english and spanish, advancing social analytics to the next level using artificial intelligence and natural language processing engines.



Complete Reach of the Spanish Language.


Qaptum’s AI engines work natively on the most extensive library of the Spanish language, enabling exceptional precision in interpreting the varied Spanish language versions across countries,  and regions within the Hispanic world.

Track the trends and discover new opportunities.

  • Follow your consumer, social, demographic, economic, political      & global trends. 
  • Obtain real-time qualitative and quantitative guidance. 
  • Seize the opportunities, projects and plan ahead. 
  • Benchmark your initiative and refine your strategy.
  • Grow your business