Intelligent Social Listening Analytics

Try the most comprehensive digital listening, analysis, and data visualization Solution.
Its powerful NLP/AI engines provide the means for advanced semantic analysis and audience profiling in Spanish and English, resulting in accurate sentiment tracking and profound business insight.

Listen to understand the conversation around your

  • Products – Services – Companies
  • Customers – Markets – Industries
  • Competitors – Influencers – Adversaries
  • Campaigns – Events – Marketing
  • Sentiment – Reputation – Brand

“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
-Ernest Hemingway

Qaptum ensures you capture the signal from the noise.

Track the Trends and discover new opportunities

  • Follow your Consumer, Social, Demographic, Economic, Political & Global trends
  • Obtain real-time qualitative and quantitative guidance
  • Seize the opportunities, project, and plan ahead
  • Benchmark your initiative and refine your strategy
  • Grow your business

Crisis Management

Embrace obstacles and adapt to market reactions.

    •  Anticipate Critical situations with Qaptum´s real time alerts.
    •  Share reports with employees and stakeholders. 
    •  Observe post-Mortem Analysis

With the Sentiment by Source Dashboard you can prevent unwanted emotions about your brand reputation by observing the sentimental presence that your business has on different platforms.

Notice the  Negative, Neutral and Positive feelings inside the digital conversations that are connected with your communication strategies.

Market Research

Get the complete picture with real time data and access to substantial data sources.

Always stay informed on the market dynamics. 

Monitor your performance versus your competition. 

With the entities dashboard of Qaptum, you can find the most popular words and expressions that are highlighted on the digital conversations. These words may appear in multiple  comments that may give you a wide visibility of upcoming market trends.