Intelligent Social Analytics

Try the most comprehensive digital listening, analysis, and data visualization Solution. Its powerful NLP/AI engines provide the means for advanced semantic analysis and audience profiling in Spanish and English, resulting in accurate sentiment tracking and profound business insight.

Listen to understand the conversation around your

  • Products – Services – Companies
  • Customers – Markets – Industries
  • Competitors – Influencers – Adversaries
  • Campaigns – Events – Marketing
  • Sentiment – Reputation – Brand
“When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
-Ernest Hemingway

Qaptum ensures you capture the signal from the noise.

Track the Trends and discover new opportunities

  • Follow your Consumer, Social, Demographic, Economic, Political & Global trends
  • Obtain real-time qualitative and quantitative guidance
  • Seize the opportunities, project, and plan ahead
  • Benchmark your initiative and refine your strategy
  • Grow your business

Qaptum uses its large Data Sources and AI technology to compare data sets over various periods to detect patterns and predict trends.

Embrace Customer Service

  • Act thoughtfully and proactively to negative social media regarding your company and products
  • Listen to customer feedback to improve your service’s levels and differentiate from your competition
  • Implement triggers to alert you of critical customer situations
  • Measure and improve Customer Loyalty
“Smart companies have realized that Customer Loyalty is the Most Powerful sales and marketing tool that they have.”
Bill Price – Driva Solutions

Obtain Actionable Insight

Through Data Analytics, Big Data, and AI, Qaptum provides continuous data intelligence and analytics for assertive decision making